3 Steps to a Calm Swedish Fika Moment

October 18, 2023


Dr Annika Sörensen is a Medical Doctor, Stress Management Mentor, Author, and International Speaker on topics revolving around the successes brought by less stress, including financial and business success. She specialises in health and stress strategies and has a solid background in Swedish Public Health Care for over 30 years. With profound personal, clinical, and scientific knowledge about taking stress to calm, she made it twice to TEDx. She is also officially certified by The Big Talk Academy and the author of two top-rated books on stress management “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and “My De-Stress Diary.” Today Dr Annika is helping stressed Business Executives slow down, reflect, feel less stress, and then ramp up and get more done and create more significant success and more revenue without having to work harder. She does it through speaking, workshops, online course, and mentoring.

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