Time Management Is Killing Your Productivity

October 19, 2023


For years, people have been told that time management is the key to productivity. We’ve been taught to create schedules, make to-do lists, and prioritize our tasks. But what if this approach is actually doing more harm than good? What if our obsession with time is actually killing our productivity? Tanya Dalton, a productivity and happiness expert, challenges conventional views on time management and advocates for a new approach to work that prioritizes productivity and well-being. Traditional time management approaches, rooted in the Industrial Revolution, are based on the flawed assumption that humans can control time. Instead, Dalton proposes a new model for work that is task-oriented and prioritizes quality and expectations over rigid schedules. By letting go of traditional time management and focusing on the task at hand, we can harness our natural biological rhythms to increase productivity and avoid burnout.

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